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Stillery Barrel Pick | Central Standard Cabin Strength

Stillery Barrel Pick | Central Standard Cabin Strength

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"Central Standard Craft Distillery’s first barrel release incorporates what we have learned since we began distilling nearly 7 years ago.  Our bourbons are placed in new American White Oak barrels and aged between 4 and 6 years.  In the case of Cabin Strength, we have taken it an additional step… we re-barrel the bourbon for a second time for an additional year.  The second barreling is also done in our signature  New American White Oak barrels.

Only 12 full barrels have been released into the market.  Each has been sampled and hand selected by individual bourbon experts at each account selling this exclusive offering.

Each barrel has its own unique taste and is bottled and sold at proof of anywhere from 115-120 proof. Let the adventure begin for you to savor this first of its kind for Central Standard, whether that is next to your fireplace or gathering around the fire with friends….Cabin Strength certainly will warm up any occasion."

Tasting Notes: Sweet caramel, toffee and hints of vanilla. Dried fruit notes along with a hint of baking spice with a silky smooth, light finish. 

Proof: 122.8

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