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2XO Phoenix Blend

2XO Phoenix Blend

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The Phoenix Blend is the first release by Dixon Dedman in a series of limited-time small-batch offerings. The bourbon found in 2XO is sourced from two separate distilleries in Kentucky. One is a 6 year old high rye (35% rye) bourbon mash bill and the other bourbon mash bill uses a “moderate amount of rye” which is claimed to be around 16-18%. Once Dixon has blended these two mash bills, he re-barrels them into char level #3 or #4 barrels. Technically, that means he has 4 different bourbons he can use to make new combinations of bourbon with. The secondary barrel finishing time ranges from 9 to 12 months. 2XO really is – a bourbon that won’t necessarily taste like something you’ve ever had before.

Tasting Notes: Viscous mouthfeel with notes of caramel and vanilla on the front, moving to bright ripe red fruit in the middle, and finishing with a mild peppery spice.

Proof: 104

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