Bardstown Fusion #8 Bottle benefiting The Bear Hug Project (purchase & pickup only)

Bardstown Fusion #8 Bottle benefiting The Bear Hug Project (purchase & pickup only)

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The Stillery is releasing bottles of Fusion #8 available for purchase. $5 from every bottle sold will be donated to The Bear Hug Project! 

Bardstown Fusion #8: 95.5 Proof

The Fusion Series celebrates the blending of newer and older bourbons to create something unique. The younger spirits are 100% our own product mellowed with hand- selected, supremely aged bourbon that beautifully complements our specific recipes. As we grow, our bourbon ages — a difference you can taste with each Fusion release.

Two vibrant, high-rye Kentucky bourbons are beautifully balanced by a bold 12-year Kentucky expression. The round mouthfeel leads to sizzle and spice on the palate making this Fusion a unique, standout blend.


Ripe apricot, mint, and green tea are balanced by layers of caramel and honey over baked apples. A refreshing, lively spice awakens the palate and leads to a balanced, signature Fusion finish.

The Bear Hug Project:

Our Mission

The mission of The Bear Hug Project 501(c)(3) is to bring smiles to the faces of children who are unfortunately sick and hospitalized in Southeastern Wisconsin during the holiday season.

Our goal is to provide an anonymous gift of a stuffed animal to every child in need during the holidays.

This may be a lofty goal but we Know we can achieve it through the help of our team of dedicated volunteers, charitable donations and generous corporate donor partnerships.

Our Story

The Bear Hug Project 501(c)(3) was started by Noel Schoessow based on his own experience as a child.

This is his story: "When I was a child I suffered a significant eye injury that left me hospitalized for nearly one year. This was an incredibly lonely and frightening time for me. During my stay in the hospital, my family gave me a puppet whose name was Fido as a gift and Fido became my best friend. Fido went everywhere with me in the hospital and was predominant source of comfort while I was there.

I made a promise to myself that when I grew up I would find a way to bring that same comfort which I felt from Fido to other sick children who were stuck in the hospital during the holidays. All donations are anonymous, and every penny raised goes towards providing "Bear Hugs" to children in Southeastern Wisconsin."