The Stillery's Maker's Mark Private Selection Benefiting the Corey Wilcox Foundation

The Stillery's Maker's Mark Private Selection Benefiting the Corey Wilcox Foundation

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The Stillery's Maker's Mark Private Selection barrel pick has arrived! This barrel pick is near and dear to our hearts as we selected this pick in honor of Corey Wilcox who recently passed away due to pancreatic cancer.

This Private Select barrel pick is a Kentucky straight bourbon whisky barrel finished with 10 selected oak staves. This pick has hints of baking spices, warm oak, cherry and toffee. 109.2 Proof.

Each bottle is $75 plus tax and $5 from every bottle sold will be donated directly back to a foundation set up in honor of Corey. This foundation will spread gifts back to the surrounding community including Germantown Hornets Wrestling and other local organizations that Corey Wilcox was involved with.

This link is for bottle purchase and pickup only. Unfortunately we cannot ship any products that contain alcohol. Must be 21 year of age or older to purchase.

About Corey Wilcox:

Corey Wilcox was a mentor, a leader, and a true family man who grew and cared for
things his whole life, whether it be people, the earth, or animals. Corey and his wife
Rachel have been residents of Germantown for 18 years after settling on a former
German homestead built in 1865. The log home, rural views and farm fields called to
both of them immediately and fit with Corey’s farmkid roots from his childhood in
Athens, Wisconsin and Alaska. Corey took quick advantage of their new house by
planting heirloom apples and pears, making furniture from self-harvested lumber,
establishing honeybee hives, and tapping local maple trees every spring to make syrup which is shared with the community through their hobby business, Red Dog Maple Products.

Corey’s work career was as varied as his personal history and includes serving as a
rabies control coordinator, nuisance black bear trapping and more than 20 years in the environmental consulting industry. As a consultant Corey supported the pipeline and renewable energy industry on a national basis with a wide variety of services from habitat surveys, rare and endangered species surveys, cultural resources surveys designed to protect vulnerable resources; built project teams with staff to provide clients with reliable and quality subject matter experts and served as a point of contact between the industry and regulatory agencies with his balanced and productive communication approach.

Corey and Rachel have been proud parents of Vizslas, a breed from the
pointing dog family, for more than 20 years, and in 2021, proudly produced their first
litter of puppies under their breeding program, Wyldfire Vizslas. Their commitment to
this breed runs deep and Corey volunteers as the Vice President for the Central
Wisconsin Vizsla Club. For those who haven’t experienced Vizslas and their amazing
human-focused, quirky and hilarious behavior, stop by sometime and prepare to fall in love.

Corey wrestled in high school and felt it was a fundamental sport that helped
develop the foundation of his life. Consequently, one of his lifelong goals was to
someday give back to the sport by helping coach youth wrestlers like others had done for him. In a moment that came about unexpectedly, he met with the Germantown Hornets Wrestling Club in October of 2021 to talk about taking on the position of Head Coach for the Germantown Hornets Youth Wrestling team for the 2021-2022 season. The opportunity proved to be the moment he had been waiting for and he stepped back onto the mat with the goal of inspiring a spark in every child he worked with. As he told his team, “There is no such thing as a loss if you’ve given all you can in the attempt to win. Success is measured by more than wins and losses.” In all these ways, Corey has been a person who strives to leave things better than when he found them.

In facing his current journey through pancreatic cancer, Corey and Rachel want to
continue to honor this principle. They will be donating 50% of all funds raised to the
nonprofit Hornet's youth wrestling program; to inspire others to have grit with kindness, courage with patience, to strive to be your best in all things, leave them better than how you found them, and to rise above your circumstances, no matter where you started your journey.